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Definition:  a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

There is much that can be done about anxiety by handling nutritional deficiencies.   Stress can rob your body of essential vitamins. 

Anxious GirlWe always recommend you take the approach of building health.

B Vitamins are essential, mostly B1 But you need other B vitamins - taking isolated B vitamins will not help. Here is a vitamin supplement which also contains whole food B vitamins, but other vitamins your body needs. It is called Life Support Formula.

B Complex Plus

Vitamin C - a real whole food natural vitamin can be found in the RHP Vitamin C. This is not ascorbic acid (which is really just on part of the C vitamins) It is a food product that you body recognizes as food and assimilates.

Read about this superior form of Vitamin C


Calm - Stress Relief Formula with Theanine to Enhance Mood and Protect Mind and Body by Hyla Cass, M.D.

At the heart of the CALM formula are seven ingredients that, in the proper dosages and potencies, have been shown to work together to regulate brain chemistry. CALM aids in stabilizing moods and relieving stress without side effects, impairment, drowsiness, or loss of judgment:

For more information and to order Calm Natural Mind


Anxiety, Depression & Digestion

Good digestion has a calming effect on the nervous system.  In fact, medical research has demonstrated that gastrointestinal inflammation is frequently associated with depression.  This has been called the "gut-brain" axis.  A team of European researchers have concluded that "treating gastrointestinal inflammation may also improve depression symptoms and quality of life"

See abstract on Digestion & Depression

See Abstract on Digestion & Stress

Build a Healthy Digestion with Dr. Berg's Formulas.

They are excellent products that we recommend.

Support a Healthy Digestive System:

Dr. Berg's Digestive Kit

Apple Cider Vinegar Plus

Apple Cider Vinegar Plus - this product combination remedy taken before meals will support your normal pH which is between 1-3. At this critical pH, protein enzymes can be activated to help break down protein, collagen, absorb minerals and even kill off unwanted microbes.

Gallbladder Formula

Gallbladder Formula contains natural ingredients to help break down gallstones and provide bile salts for bloating and digestive stress.

This product has a blend of gallbladder targeted nutrients to thin bile, reduce digestive stress, break down stones and improve the digestion of fats. Most digestive drugs work by reducing acid and this natural product enhances the bile, a commonly omitted factor.

Support a Healthy Digestive System 

Read more: Dr. Berg's Digestive Kit

For information about Anxiety Disorder  go to our "Mental Health" Conditions Page and find books about Naturally Remedies for Anxiety 

For handling Anxiety in your life: 

We've had quite a few people report that they've benefited from doing this free eCourse.  It is worth looking into.   

Solutions to a Dangerous Environment



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