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Healthy Heart:  What to Avoid; What to Do 

In my last article, I spoke about avoiding: trans fatty acids, as found in all fried food; most margarine in high doses; shortening, such as Crisco; refined oils, which are practically all the liquid oils on the grocery store shelves and in baked goods labeled partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils.

Trans fats are found naturally in foods in very small amounts and the body will burn these for energy as it does not want them in the cell structure. The above "foods", and I am being kind in labeling them "food", overwhelm the body in trans fats. If you are eating these trans fat foods, you are probably also not getting the fats/oils in an unrefined form that you really need. 

There are many unrefined oils in perle form that you can purchase from Standard Process. You can get other ones at the health food store.  These bad oils replaced by good oils are essential to cardiovascular health.

There are many things one can do to improve their overall heart health. Here is a look at one key cardiovascular supplement.

Cardio-Plus has been available since 1956. It is a combination of four Standard Process supplements, two of which were introduced in 1934. Cardio-Plus addresses neuromuscular disorders including; paralysis, muscular atrophy, weakness, loss of muscular control, coordination, etc. 

At age 59, I can still run down a mountain trail dodging pitfalls along the way. It is pure exhilaration. If you cannot do this or some similar activity, you are experiencing some degree of muscle apathy and low coordination. By age 50 to 55 this becomes noticeable in everyone.

Cardio-Plus addresses heart disorders including; congestive heart failure, a history of coronary artery disease and cardiac symptoms. 

The nutritional effects of Cardio-Plus include: 1) an enzymatic relaxing effect on the neuro muscular nerves, 2) contributes to muscular tonicity, especially the heart muscles, 3) provides influential factors, generally beneficial to muscle metabolism. Hence, it contributes to potassium and sugar utilization which are needed as "raw materials" in muscular activity. 4) prevents a build up of natural tissue antibodies (autoimmune effect) from past muscle injuries or over use. Athletic or work activities often create obvious or repetitive stress injury. 5) provides defensive metabolic mechanisms in the body such as immunity and adrenal function.

This provides a brief description of this supplement. There are actually twenty-three listed effects it has on your health. There are at least thirty more heart supplements that deal with keeping the cardiovascular system working well.

Think about these supplements to get on the road to a healthier heart! 


Dr. Mike Spearman
Spearman Better Health Center
(323) 663-1066 
email: drmikess@yahoo.com  



Standard Process Cardio-Plus  90 Tablets

Standard Process Cardio-Plus 330 Tablets

Or go to StandardardProcess.com and find a health a care professional in your area who has these products (search is at the bottom of this page)

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