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Vaccine Related Side Effects Including Nerve Damage

There has been quite a bit of controversy about vaccines and whether they are safe or even effective.

Recently, this controversy accelerated with California passing a law that every child must be vaccinated along with a long list of things they need to be vaccinated for (60 injections). There are even indications that this law is going to be expanded so that every adult must be vaccinated as well.

Even though there are national marketing campaigns trying to convince parents and medical doctors that the vaccines are safe and necessary to protect the lives of children and all Americans, many parents and non-parents have done the research and have learned the truth about vaccines.

Not everyone who receives a vaccine will experience adverse reactions. There is a good chance you will survive a vaccination without any problems, however that is not the case with everyone

There are many side effects reportedly associated with vaccines including seizures, asthma & other allergic reactions. Autism has also been thought to be a side effect of the vaccines. See Autism as a Side effect

Per research done by a Dr. Alexander Moulden, there are other possible side effects and talks about them in his article All Vaccines Cause some Harm - Learning to Identify Vaccine Damage. There are many other studies on this.

The Side Effect - Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is one of the most common side effects of vaccines.

Nearly every vaccine approved by the FDA as "safe and effective" contains at least one neurotoxin. A neurotoxin is a chemical that causes damage to nerve cells when it enters the human body. Once enough damage occurs, symptoms develop.

The central nervous system controls every single function in the human body, and this nerve damage can take on the symptoms of almost any disease or physical complaint.

The symptoms depend upon which nerves are damaged. Some conditions that have been thought to be related to vaccine nerve damage include brachial neuritis, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelination Polyneuropathy (CIPD), Complex Regional Syndrome (CRPS), Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), trigeminal neuralgia and even Multiple Sclerosis (MS). All of these have to do with the demyelination of the nerves, the breakdown of the outer lining of the nerve (the myelin sheath).

There are 1178 chemicals officially listed as neurotoxins. The effects of exposure to neurotoxins are cumulative. Do you want to add the neurotoxins included with a vaccination with the perhaps unwarranted promise that it will ward off some disease you donít have and may not be exposed to? There is no way to determine in advance which neurotoxin will push you or your child over the edge into chronic nerve damage.

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What can be done for relief?

We always recommend you take the approach of building health - and nerves are no different. 

Find out how to build healthy nerves


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