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Here is a book written by America's Pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, R.PH.

About the Author

Suzy Cohen, America's Pharmacist, is a Functional Medicine practitioner and pharmacist for more than 24 years. Cohen is a Huffington Post blogger, and the author of several best-selling books on natural health. She has appeared on hundreds of radio programs and television shows including The Dr. Oz show, The View, Know the Cause and The Doctors. 

We've found all her recommendations to be sane and helpful  She uses natural solutions and studies to find non-drug help.  In this book she has you find the cause of the problem and tells you want to do. 

This is very much needed by many. 

Headache Free Relieve Migraine, Tension, Cluster, Menstrual and Lyme Headaches by Suzy Cohen, R, Ph (pharmacist

This is what is said about this book. 

"Your how-to manual to get rid of headaches, once and for all.

Up until now headaches were considered a pain syndrome that is only manageable, not curable. Prescription analgesics are addictive, while triptans have their own limitations. 

Pharmacist Suzy Cohen has seen headaches of every sort and helps you uncover the hidden cause. Is it a hormonal imbalance, infection or food allergy? Is it a nutrient deficiency? Are your estrogen, testosterone and thyroid hormones in balance? What about neurotransmitters? 

The latest research is at your fingertips with this easy-to-read book. Cohen offers hundreds of solutions to end the pain including herbals, vitamins, minerals, medications, teas and much more!

Inside Headache Free you will learn how to pacify pain from:

* Migraine headaches
* Cluster headaches
* Trigeminal neuralgia
* Tension headaches
* Sinus headaches
* Hormonal headaches
* Sex Headaches
* Lyme disease and Babesia headaches

Get it here

Available as both Kindle and Paperback

Headache Free by Suzy Cohen, R. Ph.


America's Pharmacist does it again. This time headaches are the target of Suzy's attention and I'll tell you the end of the story: Headaches don't win. You do. --Dr. Ben Lynch, Renowned expert of MTHFR, Nutrigenomics and Methylation. MTHFR.net

When it comes to the uncensored truth about pharmaceuticals, it's hard to find a more credible source than Suzy Cohen, who has served tens of thousands of customers in her professional career. She knows medications inside and out, and yet she's a strong supporter of nutrition and natural health, so she can tell you what to use instead of medications wherever possible.--Health Ranger Mike Adams Founder of NaturalNews.com

My favorite pharmacist has created a wonderful resource to help you eliminate your headaches and improve your health. --Dr. Joseph Mercola, Founder of Mercola.com, the world's most visited natural health website

This is clearly the most comprehensive resource available for those suffering from headaches. --David Perlmutter, MD Author of Grain Brain

Headache Free by Suzy Cohen, R. Ph.

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